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TM Type Automatic Intermittent Lubrication Pump

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Products Information

TM type automatic intermittent lubrication pump

TM-type automatic intermittent lubrication pump is comprised of a micro-control unit and a worm-gear reduction mechanism. When power supply is connected , this lubrication system will realize automatic intermittent lubricant replenishment. According to different ranges of discharge volume ,the products are divided into two adjustable specifications ,one is from 1-3ml/cy, the other is 3-6ml/cy. TMS is designed and developed based on TM pump, for match with various kinds of medium and small sized machinery. It features more delicate size ,with discharge adjustment of only 1-3ml/cy .Intermittent period is specified as 2.4,6,10,15,30,60,or 120 minutes.

TM type automatic intermittent lubrication pump can form the resist type lubrication system with resist-type distributors together, discharged the oil in proportion to each lube point of the lubrication system.

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   TM※※※  type                                                                                   TMS※※※ type


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TM pump specifications

Technical Parameters


Model TM3□□□□□ TM6□□□□□
Oil discharge volume 1-3ml/cy 3-6ml/cy
Oil discharge pressure 0.3Mpa(max)
Intermittent period 2.4/2, 6/5,10/12,15/12.5,30/25,60/50,120/100min(50/60Hz)
Outlet diameter M8×1 (φ4 matched pipe)
Oil reservoir capacity 2.0L
Effective capacity 1.5L

Motor Technical Parameters

Model TM32 TM□6 TM□12 TM□15 TM□30 TM□60 TM□120
Descriptions Synchronous motor
Model 110V J205-262 J205-166 J205-754 J205-53 J205-749 J205-748 J205-747
220V J205-263 J205-167 J205-156 J205-755 J205-752 J205-751 J205-750
Intermittent period (min) 50HZ 2.4 6 12 15 30 60 120
60 HZ 2 5 10 12.5 25 50 100
Rotary speed
50 HZ 25 10 5 4 2 1 0.5
60 HZ 30 12 6 4.8 2.4 12 0.6
110V <60 <50
220 V <50 <25
Input power (W) 110 V <5 <4
220 V

Specifications of Oil Level Switch

Type OLV01(ON Floor level ON)
Max.ON/OFF capacity AC 20VA, DC 25W
Max. ON/OFF current AC 0.33A, DC 0.5A
Max.ON/OFF voltage AC 250V, DC 200V

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