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HL Type Motorised Lubrication Pump

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Products Information

HL type motor-driven lubrication pump

HL type motor-driven lubrication pump is a gear pump with special alloy steel gear pump, with easy installation and wiring, good self-absorbing performance and high volumetric flow rate. The pump is equipped with level switch. According to the different applications, it can be equipped with the pressure switch. Selecting a lubrication pump with level switch and pressure switch is capable of detecting the pressure and oil level of the system, and implement the automatic integration of intermittence, operation and alarm functions.

The pump with pressure taken-off mechanism, it can be with the positive displacement inspecting type distributor to combine with positive displacement inspecting volumetric lubrication system, via volumetric distributor to delivery dosing oil to each lube point.. The pump without pressure taken-off mechanism can be with resist type distributor to combine resist type lubrication system, discharged the oil in proportion to each lube point.

HL type motor-driven lubrication pump is widely used in machine tools, plastic machines,spinning and weaving machines, light industry, printing machines, escalator ,conveyer and so on.

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HL-2202-2 (without timer module) 
(HL-2212-2 with built-in timer module)
HL-2212-2 (without timer module)
HL-2212-2 ( with built-in timer module)


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Oil Reservoir: 2 Liters Oil Reservoir: 4 Liters


Model Voltage V Rated Rotary speed
Motor power output        W Rated Pressure
Max. Pressure
Volumetric Flow Rate
Capacity ml/min
Viscosity c.st
HL-2201 100 3360/60Hz 25 15 25 >=75% 130/60HZ 30~1000
HL-2202 200 2800/50Hz 110/50HZ
HL-3201 100 3360/60Hz 260/60HZ
HL-3202 200 2800/50Hz 220/50HZ

HL-2211, HL2212, HL3211, HL3212 have built-in microcomputer computor for free setting of action and intermittent time.

Guide to Order


Example: HL-2212-210X indicates that it is a HL type lubrication pump-single phase 220V, with built-in dual-timer module,10kgf/cm² pressure switch action,built-in pressure take-off mechanism, 2L oil Reservoir

Note: Metal oil reservoir can be custom-made .Please specify when ordering.

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