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QD Series Pneumatic Piston Pump

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Products Information

QD Series Pneumatic Piston Pump

QD series pneumatic lubrication pumps are divided into QDL oil Series and QDG grease Series. This series is specially designed and manufactured to meet the market demand for high, middle and low pressure centralized lubrication systems. It is designed with compressed gas as drive source, to ensure lubrication performance of various kinds of mechanical products, to extend service life and improve precision of machinery. This pump unit is extensively used in construction machines, automotive chassis, rubber machines, forging machines and machine tools, etc.

1. This pneumatic lubrication pump uses automatic to and fro cylinder drive, realizing automatic reversing, and it is not necessary to connect reversal valve and program controller, etc.
2. This pump has high output pressure that can be controlled by adjusting air source pressure. The boost ratio is as high as 1:40.
3. This pump can match with float switch or proximity switch to realize low-level alarm.
4. Flexible installation modes.
5. Based on different configurations, it can be used in oil lubrication system and grease lubrication system.

1. Working principle
Compression spring (1) pushes the piston (2) to the left end of the cylinder. The pull rod (3) is connected to the middle of the piston, and the pull rod causes movement of the valve core (4) to open the air inlet (5) and close the exhaust port (6). After the air inlet is opened, outside air source enters the cylinder via the air inlet for air pressure increase. The piston moves to the right and drive the pull rod to move, the air inlet closes and the exhaust port opens, and the compressed air inside the cylinder goes out from the exhaust port, and the pressure inside the cylinder drops, and the compression spring restores the piston to the left end under spring force. The to and fro motion of the piston drives the piston (7) for suction and delivery of grease. The check valve (8) in the front of the piston closes during suction and opens during grease delivery. It features simple structure and steady operation.

2. Technical Parameters

Model: QDG-1D/QDG-2D, QDG-1E/QDG-2E
Technical Parameters: 
Reservoir Capacity:  2.8L (2kg)/4.8L (4kg)
Material of Reservoir : PC
Applicable lubricants: NLGI 1#, NLGI 0#, NLGI 00#, NLGI 000# grease and mineral oil: 40mm2/s (cst)
Drive : Compressed gas
Controller: Controlled by external PLC
Operating air pressure: 4-8kgf/cm2
Boost ratio: 1:40
Output pressure : 20MPa


3. Installation Size


Oil Reservoir L1(mm) L2(mm)
2kg grease    
4.8kg grease    

4. Model number and rules to guide how to order


5. Operation Instruction
(1) Inject proper amount of clean and unused grease into the reservoir.
(2) Connect air source according to the following pneumatic circuit diagram.
be set based on requirements.
(3) Air source connection time is controlled by main unit computer or manually. Operating time parameters can
(4) Pump grease to and fro for several times to exhaust inside air, till stable grease output is obtained at all outlets.

In the diagram, the parts inside the broken lines are external pipeline configurations recommended by our company, including air source, filter, pressure regulating valve, grease feeder and two 2-position control valves.


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