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DC Type Electromagnetic Lubrication Pump

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Products Information

DC type electromagnetic lubrication pump

DC type electromagnetic lubrication pump is a small discharged oil pump, specially designed and manufactured to meet the customer's requirement for various kinds of medium and small size machinery. It pump is a piston pump that is driven to make the spring work back and forth by electromagnetic force. The pump is compact, and easy maintenance. To equipped with PLC of the machines can be adjusted to achieve the oil delivery to each lube point in cycle. DC type electromagnetic lubrication pump is supplied in AC 220V version and AC110V version. It is option for different applications
or different machines of users.

DC type DC type electromagnetic lubrication pump can be formed with resist type distributor to combine resist type lubrication system. It is via resist type distributor to delivery the oil in proportion to each lube points. It can achieve particularly good lubrication performance if matching with resist-type distributor made by our company.

The pump is widely used in machine tools, textiles, plastics, packaging, printing and forging machines and other small machines.

A. Ease of installation and simple wiring.
B. High-precision parts for accurate and stable discharge.
C. Plastic oil reservoir, metal oil reservoir is available for users to choose for different application environments at reasonable prices.


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DC2※2 type (2L) DC2※1 type (1L)


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Model Voltage
Discharge capacity ml/cy Viscosity
DC-212 AC 100 2.0 0.2 30~1000
DC-222 AC 220

Electromagnetic Pump Circuit Illustration
Guide to order


Example: DC-222E indicates that it is an oil electromagnetic lubrication pump with discharge capacity of 0.2ml/time ,with AC 220V power supply, with oil reservoir capacity of 2 liters; level switch down is on.

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