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DU Type Double-Line Distributor

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Products Information

DU type Double-Line Distributor

DU type double-line distributor is supplied with oil through two oil pipelines alternately. When the distributor is supplying oil, it drives the internal operating piston and measures the action of piston to finish the deliveries of accurate oil quantity to each lube point. In the process of oil supplying through pipeline, one oil pipeline is pressurized to supply the oil, the other oil pipeline is should be released the pressure to guarantee the distributor working normally.

1. Configuration and installation dimension.


2. Technical parameters

Model Nominal
Pressure Mpa
Displacement Number of oil outlet Measurement
DU4 40 ≥1 0.2ml 4 58 80
DU6 6 85 107
DU8 8 112 134
DU10 10 139 161

3. Model number and rule of DU type distributor


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