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the working principle of volumetric lubrication system

2014-11-18 16:42:43 Electrical lubrication pump or manual lubrication pump applies pressure on the oil inside oil tank and press the delivered oil to distributor via main pipe When all distributors complete oil measurement action, once the oil pumping stops, the unloading valve inside the pump is then in relief pressure state. At the same time, the distributor takes follow-up action. The spring which has been pressed when storing oil applies pressure on the calculated and reserved oil and the oil is fed to the positions requiring lubrication through branch pipes. In this way an oil feeding action is completed. Each oil pumping time of oil pump is controlled by microcomputer of the main unit or by time control device. Oil pump operates once and the distributors discharge once. Each time oil pumping system reach rated pressure, distributors will complete storing oil; if oil pump continues to pump oil the oil can only flow back to the oil tank through escape valve.