Machine Centralized Lubrication System

Product Application-Machine Centralized Lubrication System
Machinery centralized lubrication have inspecting volumetric lubrication system, pressurized lubrication system and resist type lubrication system.

The inspecting volumetric lubrication system is the creation of Nihon Yuki Co., ltd through decades of efforts for innovation and superiority. The system can accurately distributing exactly the required oil volume to each lube point. It is a Low-pressure lubrication system with operating pressure of 12-15 kgf/cm2. It is of reasonable fabrication cost, and is widely used, suitable for lathe, plastic machinery, spinning and weaving machinery, combined lathe, wood-working machinery, printing and packaging machinery, and so on with less than 300 lube points.

The pressurized volumetric system has the advantage of precision measurement, simple piping, guranteed oil feeding regardless of distance of lubrication points. It is working pressure : 12-15 kgf/cm2 for oil, 30-40 kgf/cm2 for grease. It discharges when system pressure increases and refills when system pressure decreased. The system is suitable for oil and machinery choosing 000# -00# grease.

The working pressure of this system is 2-15 kgf/cm2. Not necessary to take off, it is simple in structure and low-cost. But big error may exist in oil volume measurement. For far and high lubrication points, lubrication is hard to guarantee. Therefore, the system is usually used in light industry, printing machine and such machinery with less than 20 lubrication points.


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