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TCJ and TCZ Resist Type Distributor

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Products Information

TCJ, TCZ type restriction resist-type proportion distributor

TCJ/TCZ type restriction resist-type proportion distributor has built-in filter screen and single-side valve, It is through throttling of damping hole to control the flow.This resist-type distributor can be deliveried the oil in proportion to each lubrication point. It is suitable for resist-type lubrication system.



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Flow direction Flow direction


Standard 1 2 3 4 5
Flow rate 1 2 4 8 16
Connector diameter IN: M8×1  OUT: M8×1 IN: M8×1  OUT: R1/8
Pressure used 1.5~20kgf/cm²
Viscosity of oil used 20~50cst

※ Note: Difference between through resist-type and restriction resist-type proportion distributor:  TZJ/TZZ resist-type distributor has 10 times bigger unit flow than the TCJ/TCZ restriction resist-type proportion distributor.

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